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September 7, 2009

Play Club Penguin Right Here!!!

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One of my friends just founf this super cool thing, where you can play Club Penguin on your website!

Log Off The Best Club Penguin Cheats Club Penguin Refresh(Login screen, make sure all CP windows are closed)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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August 17, 2009

New Chat!

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Hey penguins!

I got a new chat! Click here to go to it!

The actual link is !!

Please go to it!

I will be on at about mid-day in PST, and other times throughout the day. Hope to see you there!

<Tycoon 13>

December 30, 2010

site closed!

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site closed becuase nobody has been posting since 2009 so thanks for going to this site!

December 13, 2009


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here is a picture

December 12, 2009


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I play a game called roblox. more info comming soon.

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December 10, 2009


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hi this is the thebigclubpenguinworld my user name on cp is pip plup 2 so if you think iam copying pictures just see if it is pip plup 2. if it is that means i made it enjoy

sneak peak

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here is a sneak peak of the cool stuff i find for cp  . go to this site to see the old penguin chat starting page

posted by thebigclubpenguinworld


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i am the newest person to work on this site. merry ch Christmas

October 9, 2009

New Stage Play and Smokey Skies !

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Hey penguinz !

Club Penguin has the new play out, monster and all. . .xD

Stage Play


The monster looks half moth, half cockroah, BLECH !

No cheats in the catalog. . .

But, the Dojo and the Ninja Hideout skies are FULL of smoke !


Club Penguin ahs taken Global Warming to another level xD !

Dojo Smoke

That’s all for now !


October 8, 2009

Reviewed By You !

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Hey penguinz !

Club Penguin released a new Reviewed By You !

The question last week was:

What was your favorite Stage costumes?

The lucky winner of having his/her comment posted on the blog this week is. . .Plumpy55647 !

Here is what he/she said:

I think squidzoid. It has always looked cool when penguins waddle around pretending to be a real squidzoid making monster noises like rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! and jump out from behind a bush.

Reviewed By You 9

The question this week is:

Do you have any decorating tips ?

You can read the full post here !

See ya later penguinz !


October 7, 2009

Happy77 Talks Monster Artist + Stage Sneak Peek !

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Hey penguinz !

Club Penguin released a new post on the CP Blog about Happy77 asking a Monster Artist. . .hmm. . .

Well, here’s what they said !

Q: So is it true? Will there be a monster who helps Squidzoid try to destroy the city at the Stage?
A: It’s true. He just might be our biggest monster ever! I’m sure Squidzoid can control him though. 80% sure.

Q: Why did you decide Squidzoid needed help?
A: Well I don’t want to say he needed the help, but the last few monsters didn’t exactly do much to help out. It seems only fair that Squidzoid has a partner since there’s a Shadow Guy and a Gamma Gal. 

Q: You mean we’ll be able to do MORE than just look at this monster?
A: Um…Oh would you look at that. I’m late for my pumpkin-carving lesson!

 Stage Monster thingy. . .


That is a quite weird sneak peek, it looks kinda like a moth or something. . .

What do you think ?

See ya later penguinz !


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